For more than five decades, Elton John has been an active and productive artist. He has created many of the most beloved and appreciated songs in the world of pop music. He has, through his professional life, more or less constantly been traveling the globe and performing his music to fans on all continents. No doubt, Elton John is still very much in focus of the medias, not least thanks to several successful collaborations with other, and so much younger, talented performers.

On July the 8th, Elton John concluded and ended his very last world tour at a concert in Stockholm, Sweden.

Jonas Gideon, the Swedish piano player and singer, was born in 1984 and from a very early age he learned to appreciate all the music produced by Elton John as these records were frequently being played and listened to in Jonas´ home in Sweden. Basically, the music of Elton John surrounded Jonas more or less on a daily basis from the very day that he was born so it was really expected that very soon, Jonas would try to play all those beautiful pop songs on the family piano.

Several years later, Jonas had learned how to play and perform some 200 (!) songs from the Elton John musical catalogue.

Luckily, Jonas has over the years experienced and visited a great number of Elton John live concerts; 15 in total in Sweden and at one of these occasions, Jonas actually met Sir Elton for a brief moment just before a concert in Gothenburg in 1998.

Later on in life, Jonas decided to develop and establish his own professional musical career as a skilled piano player and there is no doubt that his love for the Elton John music catalogue has played a major role in this decision for his career.

As of today, in 2023, Jonas is a highly appreciated and a sought after performer and he has been working together with many of the most well known artists and music performers in Sweden. These collaborations involve famous artists such as Carola, Molly Sandén, Jennifer Brown, Victor Norén, Janne Schaffer and many more.

Jonas Gideon has now been working as a professional artist and performer for 20 years so time has come for kicking-off this amazing live performance named ´THIS SHOW HAS NO TITLE – A true Elton John tribute.´
The premiere took place in April 2023 at the Scala Theatre in Stockholm. The response was amazing and everyone listening to this Elton John tribute could only hope for a continuation with many more live tribute concerts.

As the famous Swedish guitar player, Janne Schaffer, notes:
” In the early 1970´s, I had the great privilege listening to the very first performance by Elton John in Sweden and the songs he performed went straight into my heart – and stayed there.
Now, 50 years later, it is an amazing revival for me to be listening to Jonas performing this music – as well as the way Jonas interprets the wonderful Elton John songs. This is pure musical magic! ”

Jonas now continues his Elton John tribute with live concerts, being backed up with Swedens most skilled and well known professional musicians. And the concert repertoar is thrilling; from the wonderful Elton John ballads to the classic rocking masterpieces. In addition, some not so well known Elton John songs are also being presented for the true Elton-nerd.

So, make sure to secure a ticket to one of these live performances and, with no doubt, you´re in for a musical experience you will surely never forget.



Jonas Gideon (piano/lead vocals)

Lars Olsson (drums/backup vocals)

Per Björling (bass/backup vocals)

Magnus Josephson (guitars/backup vocals)

Jonas Öijvall (keyboards)